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Today all upgrades half Price
Published on 24-07-2017



The day that all expected,


All upgrades Half Price today!


Best Regards


Planetclix admin

Upgrade promo
Published on 24-07-2017


Today ;

Rented referrals bonus .

- Deposit 12$ get Silver + 50  rented  referrals.

- Deposit 50$ get Uranium +  100 rented referrals.

- Deposit 100$ get Plutonium + 100 rented referrals.

- Deposit 200$ Get Universe  + 200 Rented referrals.

- Deposit 400$ Get Saturno + 400 Rented Referrals.

- Deposit 700$ Get Big Bang + 700 Rented Referrals.



Have a nice day;)

New profit membership
Published on 28-03-2017


Big Bang is a new membership.

Ilimited direct referrals.

100$ max cashout.

3 days for next cashout.

Instant cashout,s.

Duration 544 days.

And Earn 25 points for each direct referral.

Valid for all memberships.

1000/points = 1$.

Best regards.


Planetclix Admin


Published on 28-03-2017


Coinpayments is now Installed in our site!

Is now possible add funds and cashout using Bitcoin ;)


Best regards

Upgrade your acount using the purchase balance
Published on 18-03-2017


There are two different aways to upgrade.

One is whith a direct deposit.

And the second is with purchase balance.

Whith a direct Deposit is more cheap.

Whith purchase balance, is a litle more expensive, bt whith some benificts.

To Upgrade your acount whith the  purchase balance,

the only think to do is :

Purchase a special pack,

whith the upgrade of your desire and whith some benificts included :

Click here to purchase your upgrade


best regards

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