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Published on 29-11-2017



We add " unversal4ads" on top of page.

Universal4ads is our rotator site.

Is being advertise on :



-Dimondclix - Multi ads

-Planetclix - Multi ads




And a lot of others sites.

Advertisers have now a good and cheap option to advertise their sites.


Have a good day


Planetclix admin

Rented Referrals/ptc ads
Published on 16-11-2017


After today,

Is necessary pay a fee to unlock Rented Referrals.

After you purchase the Rented referrals from your rent board,

You need make a 2$ deposit to we unlock them.

If you don´t make the fee deposit,the rented Referrals you purchase will be on pending order for 20 days.

This will Make a good rented referral pool.

Because we only unlock active ones.

In adiction,

If you purchase ptc ads credits.

And you want a fast delivery, please make a deposit of 2$ only.

We unlock your ad in 24 hours max.


Best regards


share limit
Published on 01-11-2017



we increase the shares limit to all memberships.

we also decrease the prices.

And now each share have 110 days limit and 1% pure profit.

For each 5$ share a member earn 5.50$ after 110 days.

Standard members now can buy 30 shares.

Gold Members 500 shares max.

And Big bang 1000 shares.

Shares profit is daily generated whith out any click form members on ads.


Have a good day.


Best regards

Ads page view
Published on 29-10-2017



we add some security on ads page view.

Please read our instructions on our forum topic.

click here to read it---- >>  click here


Best regards

New Membership
Published on 26-10-2017



After today we have a new membership ( New Planet)

-Ilimited Direct Referrals.

-5% Referral ad purchase comission.

-1$ Referral upgrade Comission

-Instant cashout

- Max Cashout 10$, 5 days to next cashout.

We hope all members enjoy this new membership.


Have a good day


Planetclix Admin


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