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standard members cashout
Published on 15-10-2018


We would like to inform, that Standard members can request cashout.

Payment´s will be done whith :

Payeer and Perfectmoney.

The Max whidraw is 0.55$. Whith fees included the total amount will be 0.25$.

We will rise this limit soon as the site income improves.

We also request that all members complete the offerwalls offers.

More income, more fast payment´s.

Kind regards Admin

Important changes on Planetclix
Published on 04-09-2018


There will be important changes on Planetclix.

All for the better and good future of our Site.

1 - All Members, can upgrade Using Purchase Balance.

2 - We will search for old admin members, and we will adjust their balances.

3 - There will be a Referral loosing fee : 0.01$ for Standard P, 0.015$ for Buxxter P, 0.02$ for Silver, Gold and Plutonium Membership.

4 - Members , That deposit on Neteller  , can press Cashout on Paypal.

5 - Paypal will only be used for withdraws.

6 - New Offerwalls Implemented, all members can work on offerwalls and earn more.

7 - Standard Members can upgrade using Purchase balance and press withdraw.

( please respect the Cashout Rules table on the whidraw page. )

Let´s work and improve.

Kind regards


Solidtrustpay acount upgraded
Published on 09-08-2018


We have good news.

We upgraded our Solidtrustpay acount.

After today You may deposit funds trought Solidtrustpay,using your credit/debit card whith out having a solidtrustpay acount.

Have a good day.

Kind regards.

Planetclix Admin.

Universe Membership
Published on 29-07-2018


Today Universe Membership, cost only 200$


Tomorow will cost 250$ again.

Grab this amazing Membership today.


Kind Regards


Instant payments on Perfectmoney
Published on 29-07-2018



We Enable Instant Payments on Perfectmoney for upgrade Members.

Also we have a low cost Membership ( Standard P),

It gives also instant payment´s on Perfectmoney

Members, that deposit most of money on other payment processors,

Must do a 10$ Deposit on Perfectmoney.

After that, just press cashout buttom on Perfectmoney.


kind regards


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