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Perfect money Deposit bonus 50%
Published on 19-01-2017



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Deposits on perfectmoney have 50% bonus.

And RR Promo,

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Deposit Bonus only on perfect money
Published on 01-01-2017


Perfectmoney deposit bonus 20% 

For deposits 10$ up.

Till day 20/01



About Skrill

Is Better than paypal .Easy to funding.Easy to manage.

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Upgrade Promo
Published on 11-12-2016


My Friends is time to do a upgrade Promo.

**************Antecipation of Cristmas***********************

All upgrades whith 20% discount till day 14/12/2016.

It ends at 00.00 server time.

Bronze 7,5$--------->5,00$

Silver 16.50$--->13.20$

Gold 70$-------->56$

Uranium 100$----->80$

Plutonium 300$---->240$

Universe 1000$----->800$

»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»And, Extra 10% bonus for investments on Perfect Money«««««««««««««««««««««««



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FAQ Updated
Published on 29-11-2016

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Please Read our update FAQ - Click here


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