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Dear Members,

We made important changes on our site.
And hope that all understand that is for the best.

- Planetclix will not have Rented Referrals System.
- Planetclix will not have Buy referrals System.

But the good news, is that now we have a new Membership.

Golden Planet

Here are the beneficts :

- Only cost 25$ and have 365 days.
- Ilimited Direct Referrals
- Upgrade Comission from your referrals is 2$
- 10 Points For direct referral.
- The click comission that you will receiv is 50% from All advertisements.
- The Min whidraw is 6$ and the Max 7$ .
- You can whidraw ever 7 days.

Standard Members :

Can allways request cashout every 15 days.
And allaways to Perfectmoney or Payeer.

Members that are holding, old memberships and are having pending payment´s :

- Still can use it till expire.
- Pending payment´s will be processed as the Income and Profit improves.

Hope all understand, that we want a legit and sucess for you and for us.

kind regards
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